1. preparation of detailed designs and drawings for transformers and  inductors assistance with transformer and inductor application issues
2. failure analysis  
3. preparation of transformer and inductor specifications
4. witness testing
5. training in both design, testing and operation of transformers and inductors 

In addition to transformers for general electrical distribution systems, areas of specific expertise include: transformers for railway traction substations, marine applications (shipboard, offshore drilling etc.)

Transformer / Inductor Specialist
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  •   Motor starting transformers
  •   Zig-Zag grounding transformers
  •   Traction power transformers
  •   Phase changing transformers
  •   High efficiency transformers
  •   Audio transformers
  •   Control transformers

Magnetics Design, LLC is capable of providing the following consultancy services to users and manufacturers of dry-type transformers and inductors (including cast resin) and water-cooled transformers and inductors:
Failures in Dry-Type Transformers for Offshore Applications
Failures in Dry-Type Transformers for Offshore Applications


  •   Current limiting reactors
  •   Line reactors
  •   Load reactors
  •   Smoothing chokes
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  •   Standard distribution transformers
  •   Marine duty transformers
  •   Rectifier transformers
  •   6, 12, 18, 24 pulse etc.